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In Artificial Intelligence We Must Trust (2 of 2)

by Bart Willemsen  |  April 29, 2020

More and more, especially today in the turbulent times of COVID-19, we see an almost unreasonable reliance on technology. Tracking apps for example do nothing to reduce virus impact, symptom treatment, or ‘kill the virus’ as some have stated. At best, warning signals can be provided based on (duration of) proximity to help prevent spread. […]

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The Ad Tech Industry Must Preserve Privacy (guest post)

by Bart Willemsen  |  April 7, 2020

AdTech has a challenge with privacy. Historically the problem has grown mostly under the radar for the general public. A quick history overview: When the internet grew into an advertising medium, organizations used to treat websites as they had TV networks or magazines. Ad impressions were bought based on size and demographics of the audience […]

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How the COVID-19 Crisis Shows Privacy is a Foundational Value

by Bart Willemsen  |  April 3, 2020

Imagine someone rigged a bingo game. Unsuspecting elderly are weekly haggled for their money in a resting home’s auditorium. Now imagine there’s some kind of crisis and internet and TV break down. Many people suddenly look for different distractions. The only event available is that bingo game. Suddenly, instead of two dozen 90-year olds, there […]

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