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With Blockchain, it’s Garbage In – Garbage Forever

By Avivah Litan | October 23, 2020 | 0 Comments


Many companies across the globe are using or are considering blockchain for tracking assets, proving provenance and eliminating counterfeit products.  But how does anyone know what is being tracked on the blockchain is real to begin with? Just because blockchain data is cryptographically secure doesn’t mean the data is legitimate.

My Gartner colleagues, Scott Smith, Svetlana Sicular, and I delivered a webinar a couple of days ago on Using AI and Blockchain to Detect Fakes in a Zero-Trust World . We discussed the role of blockchain and AI in proving authenticity of any entity, whether it is news, content, photographs, videos, food, pharmaceuticals, shoes, luxury goods, or any ‘thing’ else you can think of.

Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology supports a shared immutable audit trail across multiple entities where no one entity is in control. But the truth and legitimacy of the data on the distributed ledger audit trail is NOT AT ALL guaranteed by blockchain DLT.  In fact, with blockchain, it’s garbage in, garbage forever.

Tread with Care.

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