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Google in Blockchain

By Avivah Litan | July 23, 2019 | 57 Comments

Last month, Google made a low key announcement on its partnership with Chainlink, a blockchain startup (previously called SmartContract – see Cool Vendors in Blockchain Applications 2017) that specializes in bidirectional integration of off chain data with smart contracts.

To understand Google’s direction with blockchain, please refer to this Google blog relating to their Chainlink partnership announcement:

Building hybrid blockchain/cloud applications with Ethereum and Google Cloud

Currently Google seems to be focusing its blockchain efforts on the enterprise rather than direct to consumer but I believe it will initially develop functionality for enterprises and then once it matures, extend it directly to consumers.

To more deeply understand Google’s strategy refer to the example in the blog that discusses:

“Below, we’ll demonstrate how a specific smart contract platform (Ethereum) can interoperate with our enterprise cloud data warehouse (BigQuery) via oracle middleware (Chainlink). This assembly of components allows a smart contract to take action based on data retrieved from an on-chain query to the internet-hosted data warehouse. Our examples generalize to a pattern of hybrid cloud-blockchain applications in which smart contracts can efficiently delegate to cloud resources to perform complex operations. We will explore other examples of this pattern in future blog posts.”

Bottom Line

In sum Google’s partnership with Chainlink enables Ethereum app builders using Google software to integrate data from and to sources outside the blockchain and Google hopes this data will be stored in their cloud-based data warehouse, i.e. Big Query.

You can easily envision a future where Google provides a platform for smart contract and decentralized applications  with access to its own vast data stores, along with other public data stores, that both enterprises and consumers can access directly to build their own componentized applications and intelligent content libraries.

Somehow, the words “Blockchain” “Google” and “Facebook” don’t easily go together but I guess the old adage rings true – if you can’t beat em, join em.  Blockchain skeptics should take note that innovators – big and small – clearly see its value and the need to understand and embrace it in order to stay current with technological change.

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  • Ce Meater says:

    I enjoyed this article. Thank you for it, as always.

  • Cu Meater says:

    I’m looking forward to the future of blockchain and DLT tech as they relate to modern systems and infrastructure. Thank you for the article, as always.

  • Thanks – that’s a great point. we hope to integrate our blockchain research with our research on the “Future of Applications” which addresses modern systems and infrastructure.

  • Bräpp S. Niffer says:

    Good analysis of the announcement, thank you.

  • Jason Parserton says:

    Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is at the forefront of technological innovation and technologies like ‘Smart Contracts’ and ChainLink’s ‘Oracle’ middleware have the potential to create new revenue streams from data / API’s for not only larger organizations, but SME’s too. Kudos to Gartner for identifying ChainLink’s potential early.

  • Mac Biggorer says:

    Big things for the whole DLT space ! Decentralized oracles are much needed !

  • Lin K. Marine says:

    Chainlink gives me the sort of vibes like discovering an oilfield in the 1800s. Way ahead of the game and good on Google for getting involved. Keep it up fellows.

  • Hardik Inamahaas says:

    Looking forward to the future.

  • Chan Lin Moo says:

    Great piece! @Avivah

    Will you be attending any conferences soon?

  • Shad O'Link says:

    Avivah, thank you for the insightful writeup. Technology such as this is a vital element in connecting legacy systems to innovative technology.

  • Chad O'Fork says:

    Great Article.
    But the biggest I see is why google wouldn’t just copy chainlink and make their own oracle?

  • Pep E. Shadilay says:

    Oracles are increasingly becoming one of the most important technological advancements of this blockchain space. Glad to see a community and project like Chainlink/Smartcontract on the forefront of this evolutionary tech. Thank you Avivah for allowing many to notice this great project.

  • David Krappenschitz says:

    Great article

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Well written article. Google, Facebook, and Blockchain definitely all fit in Mike Hunt’s space, and it’s quite comfy.

  • Pajeet Parser says:

    I am from India and I love Chainlink. Very good article. Very good project. Pls sirs Smartcontract is future.

  • Barry Mckokiner says:

    It’s great to see that Google are putting an eye on blockchain use cases.

  • Sergey Du Mping says:

    Really enjoyed this article, I hope you can keep us updated on the progress

  • Mon Eybell Y. says:

    This is, fundamentally, a great article! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Paul Wilsdon says:

    Makes a lot of sense. Truly immutable, indestructable, trustless, accountable and fully automated/event driven solutions such as Chainlink are a rarity.

    I’m excited for the future!

  • Fernando R. says:

    Great article about great things happening right now in tech!

  • Kuhmin Mahhas says:

    Wow, it’s awesome that Google is working with Chainlink.

  • Rory Cuckstein says:

    Really appreciated the article, glad to see that Gartner really is in the forefront of new technology and research.

  • Juan Towson Eoy says:

    Chainlink and Google partnership is very interesting for monetizing API in the future of blockchain!

  • Klaus Schwab says:

    Chainlink will have a great impact in ushering in the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Vitalik "Skelly" Buterin says:

    Wow! Amazing what two men working out of a nail salon can achieve. Truly the Toyota of blockchain.

  • Brap Smeltgood says:

    Superb coverage of visionary progress in the making!

  • Pawel Skonieczka says:

    What a great recap, can’t wait to move forward with this integration. Looking to be a great summer. See you again soon and thank you Avivah!

  • bill ithesfeet says:

    Can’t wait to see what Google can do next with such a respectable Oracle solution. Keep on truckin’!

  • Yorke R. says:

    Amazing content! I expect no less from Gartner.

    Please respond to my email regarding Chainlink and Microsoft


  • Hugh B. Mac says:

    Great article, gives even better insight into the 4IR that is inevitable soon.

  • Mary wrottencrotch says:

    This is very insightful thank you for this great info!

  • B. Mack says:

    It’s good to see one of the few serious projects in the crypto space getting some long overdue attention. Great article overall.

  • izrelhasno right toexist says:

    very interesting article. keep it up!

  • Goodess Goye says:

    I just saw that google is building super computers in all major cities, blockchain, specifically chainlink, seemed like it could have been interesting. Funny that Google talks about integration and then nullifies in one fell swoop. I heard the installs are happening tonight, strap in.

  • Matt Sterbate says:

    Great to see Chainlink being picked up by the big guys. Future for this project looking bright.

    I will inform my good friends Ben Dover and Phil McCracken about this project. They will be most interested i am willing to bet

  • Rory Isacuckë says:

    Great piece Avivah, I will keep an eye on this project in the future.

  • Rajesh Shobagina says:

    Hello 🙂 very well bloggings. I am interest in your writing today. Any possible translate for Hindi? Associates of myself have many thought of Chainlink. Thank youuu 😉

    Rajesh Shobagina, Professor of English
    University of Hyderabad

  • Sean Rutledge says:

    I have seen some know-it-all business ‘analysts’ on linkedin say that Google getting involved in Blackchain is ‘off brand’, or chasing the hype – but, fundamentally, there is substance to the technology and a reason for all the media buzz around Chainlin! Those doubting ‘analysts’ will stay poor!

  • Tess Tikkels says:

    Google are at the forefront of blockchain. I heard rumours of their own coin.

  • Juan thousendoyear says:

    Very good blog amigo, i hope to see more greatness from you in the future!

  • Parab Olic Schoop says:

    Those who said Sergey has no vision (the same speech!) have not been paying attention, particularly to his earliest appearances.

    Chainlink is being constructed to fill the role of an idealised arbiter of truth, connected to the most perfectly dispassionate executor, in the form of public smart contract chains.

    This is in fulfilment of the deepest Platonic ideals of contract and governance that have ever been conceived, but which have remained out of reach, mere approximations even under the highest forms of lawful Republic, as at every step human capriciousness asserts itself and corrodes the final product, the freedom of contract found when our pledges are given force by Leviathan. Alas, ‘from the crooked timbers of humanity, no straight thing was ever made’.

    By redrawing the locus of consensus as that of a precise ledger with sound game-theoretical guarantees at its edges, and iron-clad stricture within, rather than a continuously renegotiated knife fight, the level of trust required to engage in mutually beneficial enterprise plummets precipitously.

    But what does it plummet to? The trust required is now neatly circumscribed to the trust in the information delivered unto our new Leviathan. There is fortunately a market for this trust, a pool of agents who are willing to stake their reputation and collateral on any piece of digitisable information on which it is possible to come to consensus. The truth is a most excellent Schelling point, and one which well-incentivised agents can reliably settle on.

    Do not underestimate the power and the generality of this arrangement in its maturity, nor the amount of human and economic potential that this will unlock.

    Welcome to the trust market

  • Ran D. says:

    Chainlink will soon become the standard.

  • Josef Frosch says:

    I heard a rumor of a partnership between Chainlink and Microsoft. Avivah, have you found anything related to this during your research?

  • Sergey Nazarhog says:

    Cheers guys, means a lot.

  • Sminem B. Cool says:

    Very good article

  • Sir Gaylord Ofbiz says:


  • Won K. Eoy says:

    Interesting read. Keep up the good work!

  • Funda M. li says:

    Very insightful look on the project, thank you.

  • Toi Letflush Gew says:

    Excellent insight. I feel pretty confident about the advancements in oracles and blockchain technology accelerating humanity towards a great future.

    – “Flush”

  • Won K. Endovjeer says:

    The possibilities of use cases for Decentralized oracles are truly limitless. Thank you for this article!