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The New Flash Attacks

by Avivah Litan  |  October 26, 2010

With so much attention, rightfully so, paid to bank account takeovers at small businesses, churches, school districts, county and other local government agencies — all courtesy of the Zeus trojan — almost no focus has been given to a new type of flash attack that has hit several banks and payment processors I talked with […]

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What’s wrong with PCI?

by Avivah Litan  |  October 6, 2010

There’s lots wrong and right about PCI but one of the wrong parts that infuriates me the most comes up often on the phone with companies that have received letters from their banks, telling them they must become PCI compliant by X date or else they will be fined. Here’s the catch – each of […]

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Aftermath of the Zeus arrests – will they make a difference?

by Avivah Litan  |  October 1, 2010

Yesterday, law enforcement agencies arrested over 30 individuals, mainly money mules laundering money for Zeus based attacks against U.S. and UK bank account holders. These arrests will put these particular money mule operations out of business and probably quiet down the other Zeus  money mule operations, at least temporarily. In fact, the FBI mentioned at […]

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