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Avivah Litan
VP Distinguished Analyst
19 years at Gartner
34 years IT industry

Avivah Litan is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. Ms. Litan's areas of expertise include endpoint security, security analytics for cybersecurity and fraud, user and entity behavioral analytics, and insider threat detection. Read Full Bio

Illicit Crypto Activity points to need for Fraud Detection

by Avivah Litan  |  October 1, 2018

Saturday’s front page Wall Street Journal article (see How Dirty Money Disappears into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency ) indirectly points to the emerging need for fraud detection for cryptocurrency and other blockchain transactions. Despite the hype, and for the time being, criminal use of startup cryptocurrency exchanges for money laundering  appears to be relatively small […]

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The Shortsightedness of Blockchain Disillusionment

by Avivah Litan  |  September 24, 2018

Anyone who gets disillusioned with blockchain should consider spending time researching why blockchain technology: Is still immature, What needs to happen to make it scalable, and Why it can revolutionize business and society The hype over blockchain was not misguided.  As with most catalyzing technologies, the hype resulted from a glimpse of a promising future […]

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Controlling our own Algorithms; Cool Vendors in Blockchain Technology

by Avivah Litan  |  September 7, 2018

Last night I heard Yuval Harari, author of three books including “Sapiens”, interviewed in Washington D.C. My main takeaway: whoever controls our algorithms will control our destiny. What does this have to do with Cool Vendors in Blockchain Technology? They are working on helping ensure that each individual controls his or her own algorithms and […]

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Why Private Permissioned Blockchain may Fail

by Avivah Litan  |  July 10, 2018

Immature and currently limited blockchain technology is a key impediment to enterprise adoption, according to a survey conducted in March 2018 during a Gartner webinar on blockchain. The state of blockchain adoption and other aspects of blockchain technology is well-covered in our most recent special report.  See Blockchain-based Transformation; a Gartner Trend Insight Report.  We are […]

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Clarifying a murky Insider Threat Detection market

by Avivah Litan  |  June 21, 2018

We just published research on insider threat detection solutions (See Go-to-Market for Advanced Insider Threat Detection ) in our attempt to clarify how different products help organizations with this use case. Here are some key findings from our research note: Three categories of advanced insider threat detection technology have emerged: stand-alone UEBA products, endpoint-based employee monitoring and […]

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Endpoint Security and Blockchain Identity at Gartner’s Security Summit

by Avivah Litan  |  June 8, 2018

I just got back from nearly a week at Gartner’s flagship Security Summit at National Harbor. It was crazy busy but luckily it was also very motivating to speak with so many security colleagues who have similar professional interests. There’s nothing like face to face communications when it comes to brainstorming industry issues. Here are […]

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Criminals Prepare for GDPR

by Avivah Litan  |  May 24, 2018

At long last, GDPR takes effect tomorrow, Friday, May 25th.  Gartner clients in Europe, North America and across the globe are definitely busy preparing for it. In fact, GDPR was the number two search term on the Gartner research portal in April 2018, just after Blockchain.  Personally, I’m hoping GDPR works to keep my personal […]

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Blockchain, Crypto, and Women; Musings from RSAC

by Avivah Litan  |  April 23, 2018

Blockchain sessions were in full force at the RSA security conference, which I attended last week.   The sessions were informative and very well attended, especially considering they weren’t all directly aligned with the topic of security. Here are some key takeaways (see also an interview I did with ISMG  ISMG: Gartner’s Litan on Blockchain ). Hype or […]

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What to look for at the RSA Security Conference

by Avivah Litan  |  April 12, 2018

Effectively navigating the RSA Security conference next week will be a challenge – there’s always so much to see, so much to learn, and so many people to connect with face to face. This year I am attending with five main areas of interest that the conference sessions support,  and I’m optimistic that I will […]

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Emerging Insider Threat Detection Solutions

by Avivah Litan  |  April 5, 2018

Gartner inquiries on insider threat detection are up over 50% YOY for the last two months, and our clients are seeking solutions – both technical and non-technical – for a problem that legacy solutions are not effectively addressing. The Many Flavors of Insider Threats Insider threats come in many flavors as depicted below in Figure 1, […]

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