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The Last Blog Post!

By Anton Chuvakin | June 06, 2019 | 10 Comments


It is with some sadness and much excitement that I write this final post for my Gartner blog.

If you recall, I joined Gartner in 2011, so it has been nearly 8 years. So far, this has been my favorite job, the best I ever had in my life, by a wide margin. I’ve been very good at it too, making it all the way to VP Distinguished Analyst.

In fact, I loved nearly every moment of it. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of client inquiry calls over the course of 8 years. Many dozens of papers, most with such amazing partners like Augusto Barros and more recently Anna Belak. Dozens of conference presentations. Nearly 500 Gartner blog posts. Many topics like SIEM, EDR (hey, I coined the term!), DLP, UEBA, VA/VM, SOAR, NTA / NDR, SOC, MSSP / MDR, TI, DDoS, deception, IR / DFIR and other security operations, detection and response topics. Hours of intellectual banter about technology trends around virtual Gartner watercooler, with new ideas flowing and new research created.

All in all, a lot of fun!

And now all of this comes to an end. However, note that my move is not about leaving Gartner, but about pursuing literally a once in a lifetime opportunity! Continuing my unwritten policy of not mentioning vendors on my blog, I won’t mention where I am going (see LinkedIn, if you are that curious).

My security blogging will certainly continue! My new security blog will be announced soon. For now, follow me on Twitter.

BTW, our team (still our team as I am typing this) is hiring!

Now, onwards to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

My published Gartner research:

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  • Dina Agafonov says:

    Good Luck, Anton! I am a huge fan of you blogs.I hope to see a new one soon!

  • Haren Bhatt says:

    Good luck , Anton. Would await for your new writeups.

  • Nichols says:

    Awesome, Anton! I learned a lot and became a better security professional reading your blog and the discussions around it, best wishes for your new professional challenge. Security is more science than empiricism!

  • Ambreen says:

    Good luck, Anton

  • anupam sahai says:

    good luck with your next move.

    best regards

  • Ishtiyaq says:

    Good luck for new innings

  • John Dasher says:

    It’s been a genuine pleasure working with you over the years from several different companies. You’ve been a reliable source of aggravation that has always led to real improvements in pitch, product, and thinking. 😉 Thanks for making an industry better. All the best to you, sir!



  • Girish Bhat says:


    It was always an intellectually stimulating experience working with you. Look forward to partnering with you in your new role.


  • Good luck in your new adventure, keep your writing in shape!

  • Benny Ye says:

    Good luck, Anton!No matter where you are, your blog is always an important resource of cyber security! Looking forward to seeing your new blog.