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Our Team Is Hiring Again: A New Position Open – Threat/Vulnerability/Detection in US/North America

By Anton Chuvakin | February 14, 2018 | 0 Comments


This new open position on our team is really exciting!!! Think of this as “joining the triumvirate of Augusto Barros and myself in our technology coverage” since this is an expansion hire for our team at Gartner GTP, focused on all the fun things we cover <cue the jokes about the 3-headed dragon> 🙂

If you already read the below in the past (BTW, this has some new interview tips!), go and apply here.

So … our team at Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) is still HIRING! Join Security and Risk Management Strategies (SRMS) team at Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP)! For this new role, you will work closely with extra-awesome people like Augusto and me!

All in all, two roles is still open:

  1. Threats, vulnerabilities and monitoring (this role) – apply here.
  2. Also still open: network security – apply here.

Excerpts from the job description – with my highlights:

  • “Create and maintain high quality, accurate, and in depth documents or architecture positions in information security […] and/or related coverage areas;
  • Prepare for and respond to customer questions (inquiries/dialogues) during scheduled one hour sessions with accurate information and actionable advice, subject to capacity and demand;
  • Prepare and deliver analysis in the form of presentation(s) delivered at one or more of the company’s Catalyst conferences, Summit, Symposium, webinars, or other industry speaking events;
  • Support business development for GTP by participating in sales support calls/visits subject to availability and management approval, etc”

In essence, your job would be to do research, write papers, advise clients (via phone inquiries / dialogs) and speak at events. Also, we do list a lot of qualifications in the req, but you can look at my informal take on them in this post.

A few common questions that candidates have asked in the past (reproduced from my past blog posts):

  • Location? Any location in US/Canada/North America, mostly due to the desired time zone for client call coverage. This is non-negotiable for this role, however, you will still work from home most of the time.
  • What does travel 20-25% really mean? In all honesty, there is not much travel, apart from 2-3 Gartner events per year, really. If you want to travel more, you can.
  • Do we really need at least 15 years experience? Well … we don’t really need 15 years, but we do need diverse and extensive experience in the real world (ideally, “vendor + enterprise/government + consultant”, but “pick any 2 of those” works as well, with enterprise/government security architect being the preferred background)
  • Do we really need an advanced degree? Frankly, no. We have people already working on the team without such, and they are great. Well, if you have a PhD, this is great as well. In any case, many people with advanced degrees working in security have them in areas other than security [like, say, me]…
  • Is this a technical role? Well, it is a role for a technologist, a person who was recently hands-on and/or has a deep understanding of how security technologies work inside the box. However, Gartner does not really do lab product testing (you are welcome to have a home lab, of course, and some security analysts do) so there is a risk of losing some of the cutting edge technical hands-on skills. Ideally, you should be able to retain them (mostly) via ongoing conversations with “people who do stuff” (as opposed to “just talk about stuff”), but it may be challenging for some…

Now, let me share some Anton’s super-secret interview tips (learned by our team from the experiences interviewing many candidates in the last 6 years or so) – ignore them at your peril!

  • When preparing for a group interview, you will be asked to write a mini-paper and then defend it. By god, pick a topic you know really well. I feel stupid even saying this, but some candidates sunk since they picked the topic “they wanted to explore.” Hell no! Put your BEST foot forward!
  • When writing a mini-paper, re-read the text for clear and logical structure and potential value for the readers. If you need to rant, get a blog. Think of this as a mini-research paper, not a mini-vendor whitepaper, your point is to help, not to sell.
  • Now, an actual super-secret tip: the key to success at our group interview is to be firm-but-not-defensive-or-too-pushy, and let me tell you this is really hard for many. However, if you are TOO FIRM (“NO! You guys are just wrong!”) or TOO SOFT (“Yeah … perhaps this is also OK.”), you will not be hired. This is important!
  • To expand further on this, pick a position and be ready to defend it with facts and materials in hand. As one of our new (freshly hired) team members said “don’t get wishy-washy during the group interview
  • Finally, behave professionally during the interview! And… eh…one more tip: for fuck’s sake, don’t ask “how many more twitter followers will get if I join?” 🙂


P.S. If you have questions, feel free to email / tweet me – I cannot promise a prompt response, but I sure can promise a response.

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