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Security in 2025 – Extrapolate or Bust?

By Anton Chuvakin | January 27, 2017 | 1 Comment


What year is this? Still 2017, indeed. So, imagine it is 2025… and 8 years have passed.

How is information security (“cyber security”) different in 2025?

But before you start droning about …well… drones and AIs and vast machine intelligences and 7G mobile security (all fun subjects, I am sure!), think about Windows 2008. Windows 2008 – and, sadly, Windows 2003 and XP too (and rarely and truly paradoxically, even Windows 2000) are in active use today 8+ years before it was created. Next, think about password theft – a truly 1980s problem – rampant today and triggering spend on UEBA. Hence, before you predict the future, think about the HUGE IT inertia – frankly, after my 5+ years at Gartner, it does not cease to amaze me… Sure, “the future is here, it just is unevenly distributed” (source), but when people focus on this, they forget — the past is also here, and it is going with us to the future…

So…what do you think WILL change by 2025 and what will very likely STAY THE SAME?

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1 Comment

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