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Speaking at Gartner Catalyst 2016

By Anton Chuvakin | July 15, 2016 | 0 Comments


Gartner Catalyst 2016, a conference by Gartner for Techical Professionals (GTP), is coming soon. Here is my traditional blog post summarizing my speaking at this event (San Diego, CA – August 15-18, 2016):

  • “Dealing With Insider Threat” talk will will examine organizations in terms of real-world preventative “actions” (or lack their-of), investment in time, energy and technical controls and even organizations response to actual insider incidents.
  • “How to Use the Attack Chain Model to Plan Security Monitoring” talk will describe the process to choose security monitoring controls and develop and refine the right security monitoring use cases in order to focus the controls on the correct problems, using the attack chain model.
  • Roundtable: How to Outsource Security Monitoring” roundtable will sharing of common MSSP success and failure tips, and lessons learned; the focus would be on how to outsource the security monitoring right, and how to outsource the right tasks of security monitoring.

See you in San Diego at #GartnerCat

My past Gartner speaking:

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