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Our “Comparison of Endpoint Detection and Response Technologies and Solutions” Paper Publishes

By Anton Chuvakin | June 20, 2016 | 1 Comment


Our 2nd EDR paper has published: enjoy the “Comparison of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Technologies and Solutions” [Gartner GTP access required]. The summary states that “Endpoint detection and response tools are an important component of modern security architectures. Existing tools support organizations trying to quickly detect, identify and react to threats on workstations and servers.”

A few fun quotes follow below:

  • “EDR is not a replacement for other endpoint security tools; it is often a detection and visibility complement to other tools providing endpoint security capabilities.”
  • “Gartner research indicates that the EDR market is growing fast, with nearly thirty vendors [A.C. – probably even more, if you count a bit more liberally] currently offering products related to that category — and more emerging.” In fact, further in the document we say that “many security vendors have expressed interest in developing EDR-type tools.”
  • “Endpoint detection and response tools enable an organization to achieve comprehensive endpoint visibility, improve its ability to detect malicious activities and simplify security incident response.”
  • “The confusion about endpoint security technologies generates situations where EDR tools are compared with products delivering completely different capabilities, such as EPP suites, isolation, anti-exploitation and containment technologies…”
  • “It is natural to expect that big EPP players will enter the EDR market [A.C. – and, as we say further, several have done so already], if not by acquisitions or by developing their own products, by the integration of EDR capabilities into their existing EPP platforms.”

Enjoy the paper! [Gartner GTP access required]

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