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Our Team Is Hiring Again: Join Gartner GTP Now!

By Anton Chuvakin | February 20, 2015 | 4 Comments


Our team at Gartner is HIRING again! Join Security and Risk Management Strategies (SRMS) team at Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP)!

Excerpts from the job description (with my highlights):

  • Create and maintain high quality, accurate, and in depth documents or architecture positions in information security, security monitoring, threat intelligence, security event and information management systems, and/or related coverage areas;
  • Prepare for and respond to customer questions (inquiries/dialogues) during scheduled one hour sessions with accurate information and actionable advice, subject to capacity and demand;
  • Prepare and deliver analysis in the form of presentation(s) delivered at one or more of the company’s Catalyst conferences, Summit, Symposium, webinars, or other industry speaking events;
  • Support business development for GTP by participating in sales support calls/visits subject to availability and management approval, etc

In essence, your job would be to do research, write, guide clients (via phone inquiries/dialogs) and speak at events. Also, we do list a lot of qualifications in the job req, but you can look at my informal take on them in this post.

A few common questions that candidates have asked in the past:

  • Location? Any location in the US works, Canada and Europe may work, Asia or AU will not.
  • Do we really need 15 years experience? Well … we don’t need exactly 15 years, but we do need diverse and extensive experience (ideally, “vendor + enterprise/government + consultant”, but “pick any 2 of those” works as well, with enterprise/government security architect now being the preferred background)
  • Travel? It probably will be less than 20%. Personally, I lost all of my airline status on this job 🙂 My first business trip this year will be in March, and my last trip of last year was in October.
  • Focus areas? We do need you to have a few security areas where you understand real-world problems, working solutions, specific products, architectural choices, etc in depth and first hand (as “a doer”, not “a talker”). For this particular hire, SIEM, VA/VM, Threat Intel, IR would be super-helpful [for the extra astute: YES, these are my coverage areas and NO, I am NOT leaving … I just need help!]
  • [UPDATE] Is this a technical role? Well, it is a role for a technologist, a person who was hands-on and/or has a deep understanding of how security stuff works inside the box. However, Gartner does not really do lab product testing (you are welcome to have a home lab, of course, and some security analysts do) so there is a risk of losing some of the cutting edge technical hands-on skills. Ideally, you should be able to retain them (mostly) via ongoing conversations with “people who do stuff” (as opposed to “just talk about stuff”), but it may be challenging for some.
  • [UPDATE] Why are we hiring this time?  This is an expansion hire — we have too much work for a team we have.

So APPLY HERE! If the link fails, go to and search for “3376” job ID.

P.S. If you have questions, feel free to email / tweet me – I cannot promise a prompt response, but I sure can promise a response.

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  • Hassan says:

    You’ve missed Africa dear 🙂

    We do have qualified info sec individuals here as well.

  • @Hassan I believe that, but for this role we have some timezone requirements to take client calls.

  • bill ross says:


    While I was in the military, I was once identified in a Pentagon Briefing as the only person this colonel knew that “thinks outside of the box others are thinking outside of”.

    I am one of the most creative, best writers and solution architects that I know.

    Please see my work out there if you search on “bill ross security architecture”.

    I would love to join your team. How can I apply.

    Thank you


  • @Bill

    Eh …… using an APPLY HERE link?