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Security Chasm Illustrated

By Anton Chuvakin | February 05, 2014 | 2 Comments


This is one of those “no comment” philosophical blog posts, inspired by some client conversations I’ve been having.

g ok senior executive 5 g ok senior executive 8


This is John, a CSO at a large Organization X


This is John, a CSO at a large Organization Y


  • Organization X has a security team.
  • Inside it, there is an IR team.
  • Inside it, there is a threat intelligence (TI) team
  • Inside it, there is a team that focuses on malware reversing
  • That team has 5 people.


  • Organization Y has a security team.
  • It just has 5 people.

Now … think about it: do these people have anything in common to talk about, apart from their first names and [maybe] job titles?

P.S. Gartner stock photos used; any similarity with people real or virtual are purely coincidental.

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  • Gregg Dotoli says:

    The guy on the right took 2 tries to spell DOS.
    They can talk about the superbowl. 🙂

    I’d work for the guy on the left.

    Gregg Dotoli

  • Well, occasionally the guy on the right cannot even spell “AI-DEE-ES” or even “see-so” 🙂