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Next Research Project: From Big Data Analytics to … Patching

By Anton Chuvakin | September 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

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Please wish me luck! My next research quarter (that I just started up) will be an ultimate example of schizophrenia. Specifically, I will handle two separate projects:

  • Using “big data” methods and analytic approaches for security (this research will go into my paper on “SIEM Futures” or maybe into a new paper)
  • Patching and otherwise remediating vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications (this research will update my existing VM research)

In other words, I will travel the entire realm of security maturity from “how to we patch Windows effectively?” [yes, people do still ask that!] all the way to “how do we detect novel attacks in petabytes of data?” in the land of Hadoop, MongoDB, neural networks and AIs.

As usual, my call to action:

  • Vendors, got anything to say about using “big data” methods for security? Here is a briefing link … you know what to do!
  • Enterprises, got a “big data helps security” story – either a WIN story or a FAIL story – to share? Hit the comments or email me privately (Gartner client NDA will cover it, if you are a client).
  • Security consultants focused on analytics, got a “big data” analytics story (maybe inspired by your recent project) to share? I’d love to hear it as well!

P.S. OK, fine, you can also share a patching story .. I won’t hold it against you 🙂

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