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9 Reasons Why Building A Big Data Security Analytics Tool Is Like Building a Flying Car

By Anton Chuvakin | April 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

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Here is how  building an enterprise security analytics “big data” capability is like building a flying car:


  1. You can buy a car from a lot of suppliers, but no one will sell you a flying car
  2. It makes little sense to build your own *regular* car, since there are so many to buy
  3. Some people/firms have demonstrated workable flying cars (example and a few more here)
  4. There are no best practices for building and operating flying cars … yet
  5. Lots of people think they want one, but few can explain why and how exactly they’d use it
  6. There are very few people who will give you useful advice on this topic, but there are many who will quote science fiction works that mention flying cars
  7. From the scientific point of view, flying cars are very simple. However, practical, engineering challenges make building one really hard
  8. Nobody offers training for flying car drivers/pilots, and it is not clear what skills such people need to possess
  9. Flying cars are REALLY cool!!!

The above is “inspired by a true story”, of course. However, all resemblance to real characters is purely coincidental Smile


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