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The State of Crowdfunding

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  April 4, 2014  |  14 Comments

Hello everyone. This is an alert to some research I have underway. I am looking at several of the leading crowdfunding platforms to assess the “state of crowdfunding” today. I am looking at the following crowdfunding sites:

  • Bloom
  • Bolstr
  • Circleup
  • CreateAFund
  • Crowdbank
  • CrowdBuilder
  • Crowdfunder
  • Crowdrise
  • Early Shares
  • eReleases
  • Fundable
  • Fundercloud
  • Funders Club
  • Inkubato
  • JumpStartFund
  • Kapipal
  • Lending Club
  • Microryza
  • Petridish
  • Prosper
  • Quirky
  • Razoo
  • Rock the post
  • RocketHub
  • Seedinvest
  • Vunded

I am over half way through and am seeing some interesting trends. I’m conducting a fundamental analysis against these factors:

Geography, Funding Type, Audience, Purpose, Experience, Adoption, Investing Model, Secondary Market, Business Model, and How it works.

I expect to post some results within weeks. So if you feel I am missing an important crowdfunding site or factor then please let me know.

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Thoughts on The State of Crowdfunding

  1. I have put together as accurate a picture of crowdfunding platfroms in the UK as possible. For a free full list of UK platforms please see:

    I update as regularly as possible.

    Hope it’s of use,

    PS Do let me know if I’ve missed any!

  2. Alex Feldman says:

    If you want a larger list of crowdfunding sites take a look at site.

  3. Bryan Letcher says:

    I think it would be interesting to include Chris Roberts site as well. It was done independently outside of the traditional crowd funding sites and brought in 42 million and still going. This brings up a good point around brand, brand recognition, as brands look to leverage crowd funding. Crowd funding is growing up and as businesses look to leverage crowd funding, helping improve their brand could improve their crowd funding potential. Chris Roberts has a strong game brand but could someone else duplicate this if their brand was as strong or stronger.

  4. Anthony J. Bradley says:

    Thanks Alex, is a cool reference site for finding platforms that might help someone raise money.

    Chris and Bryan, thanks for your feedback as well.

  5. I would include Fundly. They’ve been very active in the donation-based crowdfunding area.

  6. James Murphy says:

    Happy to help, if you like. We looked at 700 platforms in surveying the industry before we went forward with investments.

    This is a good set of info on the industry:

    I think a lot has been done already on the state of the industry from a platform perspective (like which platforms exist) and often it is done by folks with certain biased interests.

    I think it would be very illuminating to understand how the consumer side is starting to evolve. (Both investors and entrepreneurs) Debt, royalty, equity, funding amount, adoption, secondary market, and others you mentioned.

    What is working, how quickly is this really gaining traction and how might that compare to how the Etrade/scottrades took to gain traction in the public markets.

    Looking forward to your post, cheers!

  7. Anthony J. Bradley says:

    @James, Thank you.
    As you and others point out the market is fragmented and full of crowdfunding sites with a vast array of different approaches. My main analysis will focus on crowdfunding’s present impact on the business world, how that might change over time and what will cause it to change.

  8. Silvano Dragonetti says:

    I am currently doing research to write my bachelor thesis which features the question, if crowdfunding is a hype or a megatrend. This question was not set by myself and after my research so far, I think crowdfunding is here to stay and that it will have a certain impact on the way people invest.

    It would be very interesting to get a first estimation, where crowdfunding stands in the Hype-Cycle. I suppose it’s best to sepparate the different crowdfunding styles (reward, equity, donation), isn’t it? I would say that crowdsupporting (reward) is near to it’s peak and that we will see some consolidation in the near future. Same for Donating. Furthermore I see crowdinvesting (equity) on a earlier stage on the cycle, mainly because it’s still held back by lack of regulation.

    Do you share that estimation or am I completely wrong?

    Best regards

  9. Elena Jaehrig says:

    Well, nobody so far has mentioned any factors, that could impact the success of a project. What about Social Media Appearance and duration of the campagne?

  10. Daryl Hatton says:

    @Anthony, FundRazr is one of the leading platforms (according to Forbes and others). We would be happy to work with you and provide you with data and our customers’ views on what they are looking for and where they are headed. Let me know how we can help.

  11. Anthony,

    You mentioned you research will look at how crowdfunding will impact new businesses. We operate the a network which is the largest community of entrepreneurs who are leveraging crowdfunding to capitalize their startups. Happy to share our perspective or make intros if that could be helpful.

  12. Anthony J. Bradley says:

    @Silvano. See my next post. I think we are seeing some of the same. Though I would put return-based and reward-based at different points on the hype cycle, both are IMO, pre-peak.

    @Elena. You have a good point but those factos are beyond the scope of my investigation here. I’m looking at capability maturity vs. best practices.

    @Daryl and Shahab. I may reach out shortly.

  13. […] As promised though a bit late, I have now analyzed almost 50 leading crowdfunding sites. My overall view is that crowdfunding is in a very early and fragmented state. […]

  14. […] As promised though a bit late, I have now analyzed almost 50 leading crowdfunding sites. My overall view is that crowdfunding is in a very early and fragmented state. […]

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