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Talking Operational Intelligence with Kapow

By Anthony J. Bradley | December 08, 2008 | 1 Comment


Kapow hooked me into lunch today at the AADI conference (where I am presenting for the majority of the week). They hooked me by showing me a mashup for the iPhone they had built (using their technology) that scrapes the Gartner AADI conference site to deliver a handheld based Gartner agenda management application. I’ve got to admit, it was cool. You can plan your agenda, search the agenda, and if you are in a session that isn’t meeting your needs (which I told them rarely happens) then you can hit a "Now" button to see other presentations going on at that time if you want to jump over.

The conversation progressed to the emergence of "Operational Intelligence" and its merger with mobile technology so workers can be sensors (remember my blog post mentioning "every soldier a sensor") and receivers who rapidly assemble a situational awareness and initiate an appropriate response. All from the comfort of your palm. This is yet another example portending the emergence of sense and respond systems. In this example Kapow mashed up Gartner AADI Summit content with an iPhone viz app. This is also a testament to the native mashabilty of WOA.  

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1 Comment

  • Chris Laffra says:

    The scheduler itself was written in EGL Rich UI, and is a web2.0 style browser application that is specifically form-factored for the iPhone screen size. We did one originally at the Rational Software Developer’s Conference and a couple since. When I met the Kapow team at IBM’s IOD conference, Stefan Andreasen, CTO of Kapow, put together a robot in mere minutes that converts the website with the schedule into a feed. I then customized the scheduler to read that feed and changes some splash screen images.

    For the AADI Summit, Stefan contacted me on Friday with a feed he built for the AADI schedule of events, and it took me about one hour to customize again for this conference. With Stefan at the back end service generation, and myself at the UI side mashing up the service into an iPhone application effectively proves the separation of concerns that SOA can bring to the equation. Our time to market was extremely fast, with the amount of information exchange between Stefan and I being limited to the schema used in the feed.

    More information about EGL Rich UI can be found here: