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I Just Learned SOA and Now I Have to Learn WOA?

By Anthony J. Bradley | November 19, 2008 | 1 Comment


I can’t believe my colleague Nick Gall has not blogged on his recent research note on Web Oriented Architecture (WOA). See Tutorial: Web-Oriented Architecture: Putting the Web Back in Web Services. (Available for a fee to non Gartner clients).

Dan Sholler and I also contributed but Nick certainly is the brains behind it. Nick coined the term WOA about two years ago and now has finally definitively documented WOA as an architecture sub-style of SOA that combines the principles of SOA with those of REST and the Architecture of the world wide web Vol 1. It was worth the wait. Hats off to Nick, great work here.

For the record, I wanted the title to be “Web Oriented Architecture: Bringing the Shareability and Adaptability of the Web to SOA” 🙂

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1 Comment

  • Anthony Bradley says:

    This “Can Web Pixie Dust Save SOA? – Mergers and Integrations” is an interesting article and worth a read but its general tone is that SOA is unsuccessful or dying and this just isn’t correct. Admittedly, there is a lot of bad SOA out there, but this doesn’t mean SOA is bad. It means that a large segment of IT organizations are not doing it right. SOA is hard but there ar plenty of SOA success stories out there and WOA has numerous public Web implementation successes.

    I will offer a slight modification to her title, “Can Web Pixie Dust Save Your SOA? – Mergers and Integrations.”