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Coordinating Actions (Massively) Using Twitter

By Anthony J. Bradley | October 31, 2008 | 0 Comments

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This very interesting Wired article Spy Fears: Twitter Terrorists, Cell Phone Jihadists on an Army 304th Military Intelligence Battalion report found on the Federation of the American Scientists website caught my attention. What interests me about this, which is not directly addressed, is the use of Twitter (or microblogging in general) for coordinating mass actions. I have recently begun researching a new type of system/application that is in an embryonic stage. I am dubbing it Globally Scalable Sense and Respond Systems. They combine the power of advanced SOA for effective and large scale event driven systems, the flexibility of mashup applications, and the ability of social applications to facilitate mobilizing a massive human response. It is easy to imagine the utility in a emergency response scenario like reacting to a natrual disaster or military applications in the war on terror but more and more we see business uses emerging. Stay tuned for more on GSS&R systems (I just here and now created a new acronym – my work as an analyst today is done).

My team and I will be addressing this exciting new space much more in 2009. Is this something you are interested in? Do you have any knowledge or experience here?

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