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Digital Marketers Can Leverage Consumer Interest in Learning

By Anna Maria Virzi | April 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

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At least one bright spot emerged in 2020, a year that couldn’t end soon enough. People pursued new hobbies or invested in personal growth, often in the form of virtual learning. In fact, about one-third of Gartner Consumer Community (GCC) members surveyed took at least one virtual learning course in 2020.

In my circle of friends, one took online Italian lessons. Another studied business innovation, listening to TED Talks and YouTube videos. For my part, I increased my course load in an MBA program, trading commuting time for class time.

Interest in online learning – whether formal or informal – won’t go away anytime soon. My colleague, Katya Skogen, who specializes in consumer and culture insights, sees opportunities for digital marketing leaders outside of the education sector to tap into this trend.

The Gartner report, “Use Consumers’ Embrace of E-Learning to Steer Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021,” examines:

  • Examples of branded educational experiences and elements of learning
  • Where consumers believe brands miss the mark on customer education
  • How brands can align their strategy to consumers’ implicit learning goals and motivations

With 62% of GCC participants asserting increased purchase intent associated with brands’ customer education efforts, digital marketers have an opportunity to leverage the appeal of learning to better attract and retain customers.

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