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Cool Vendors in Digital Advertising and Marketing

By Anna Maria Virzi | July 05, 2018 | 1 Comment

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Marketing leaders face multi-faceted challenges in executing their advertising and marketing programs. These challenges include these areas:

Advertising: Marketers find their ability to collect and trust data under increasing threat.

Multichannel campaign management: Strategies and technologies to improve segmentation, persona development and orchestration of relevant channels remain a work in progress.

Personalization: These technologies, which are embedded in nearly every piece of marketing software, are obstacles as much as enablers of tailored communications. It’s difficult to identify and distinguish providers, compare solutions or fill specific gaps in the marketing tech stack.

Conversational marketing: Marketers are searching for a persistent consumer touchpoint (like voice, email or SMS) to adapt to consumer behaviors that span a wide variety of devices at different stages of the customer journey.

This week, the Gartner for Marketing Leaders team highlights innovative tools and vendors helping to address challenges in each of these four areas. A total of 15 emerging tech providers are profiled in four Cool Vendors reports for marketing and advertising. Among the companies profiled:

  • A provider that addresses the ever-evolving challenge of determining whether digital traffic originates from nonhuman sources such as malicious automated applications and scripts (“bots”).
  • A provider with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for creating personalized videos that can be integrated into broader personalized marketing campaigns.
  • A provider that allows multichannel marketers to benefit from the predictive capabilities of “deep AI” with no machine learning knowledge.
  • A provider that solves the pain of turning a brand’s website engagement into mobile messaging exchanges using the SMS/text capability in most mobile phones.

Subscribers can learn more about the companies profiled in these four reports: Cool Vendors in Advertising, Cool Vendors in Personalization, Cool Vendors in Conversational Marketing and Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing.

HT to Gartner analysts who contributed to these Cool Vendors reports: Benjamin Bloom, Noah Elkin, Lizzy Foo Kune, Andrew Frank, Mike McGuire, Jennifer Polk, Augie Ray, Adam Sarner and Bryan Yeager.

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1 Comment

  • John Elmer says:

    For my marketing dollar (I’m a fractional CMO for industrial SMBs) the “coolest” marketing software vendor going is HubSpot, hands down. Why? Because they make really robust, useful tools for lead generation and sales management available for FREE. Did I say FREE? Yes. We moved 150 unhappy salespeople from the big expensive CRM name that everybody knows to HubSpot’s free CRM. After 6 months, adoption rates soared and revenue is up. The best marketing tool is one that people will use. When that tool is free, why would you wait?