Have you noticed: The more data you collect, the less valuable it seems? It’s no wonder. Digital marketing activities give marketers access to more data than they’re able to digest. There are plenty of reasons: Paradox of choice, analysis paralysis, decision makers who don’t have a clue. The list goes on.

Our interactions with clients reveal that securing relevant data – at the right time – confounds marketing leaders at organizations of all sizes, across all industries. That’s why Gartner for Marketing Leaders is taking a holistic look at data that matters the most to marketing leaders. Simon Yates, managing VP, is heading up the integrated marketing data strategy that includes:

Primary research: Surveys focused on marketing spend, strategy, organization, channel performance and customer experience. Our surveys of CMOs and marketing are jointly produced by Gartner for Marketing Leaders research analysts and Gartner’s Primary Research Management Design and Delivery team. (Hat tip to Karen Carter and Anna Toncheva, PRM researchers.)

Marketing performance benchmarks: An interactive tool provides benchmarks in spend, channel performance and customer experience. Research Director Haixia Wang collaborated with Gartner’s application development and program management teams to make these benchmarks available to Gartner for Marketing Leaders’ clients.

Gartner's marketing performance benchmark tool.

Gartner’s marketing performance benchmark tool.

Marketing data and analytics research and advice: This research agenda, headed up by Research Director Christi Eubanks, helps marketing leaders drive performance through the intelligent use of data. Analysts and their research address: How to build an accurate, complete view of prospects and customers; how to use data to deliver contextual and near-real-time experiences across platforms – and more. (A research overview, Marketing Data and Analytics Primer for 2017, is available to clients.)

How can you build and use marketing performance benchmarks? Join a roundtable discussion with your peers, led by Haixia Wang and Gartner Group VP Yvonne Genovese, at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 10-12 May 2017 in San Diego, CA.

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