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Re-engineering the Decision – Update 2

By Andrew White | June 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Below is the blog I published earlier in 2021.  Here I add some new published research that completes the delivery on the promise for helping you re-engineer your business decisions to drive better business outcomes.  Pieter den Hamer led a number of pieces of research with a wide ranging team and input from many folks.  Here are the resources:

Original blog from 2021 follows…

Back in April I blogged about Re-engineering the Decision – Our Storyline for Data and Analytics that shared some of the insight into our main focus for data and analytics going forward.  Re-engineering the decision is the aspirational focus for which effective, outcome-driven D&A will help business and executive leaders re-engineer their decision-making capabilities.  Re-engineering the decision effectively helps executive leaders make their decision-making capabilities a competitive differentiator, again.

In that original blog I shared the original overview and some additional press clippings that demonstrated the importance and power of re-engineering decisions.

I wanted to provide an update.  Our Marketing team has been busy bumping up the pressure on the topic with a steady stream of decision-making information assets.  Here are a couple of them.

You can access the whole set of assets here.

Additionally, our own research has been moving forward and we have made inroads into exploiting and connecting more strongly with (business) applications and software engineering.  This is not an IT or technical connection per se; more and more business roles in marketing, sales, HR, finance, supply chain, etc. embed various degrees of D&A, application and SWE capability.  The valuable distinction here is not “business and IT” but “data and analytics, AI and apps wherever it exists”.

Here are some of the additional research assets:

Composability is part of the “how” decisions can be re-engineered at speed:

Data Fabric sits at the heart of D&A and the emerging composable platform:

For the Chief Data Officer we also have a Leadership Vision deck that operates as a desk-reference for the year ahead.  This one was published in Q3 last year for 2021 (in case you missed it) and this provides a view for how data, analytics and AI all help with re-engineering the decision.  There is a recorded webinar too in case you prefer that format.

Keep an eye on the topic of decision making.  It’s all starting to change…again…for the better.  More research is coming on decision modeling; how to organize for effective delivery (XOps), how to value decisions; how to measure the impact of decisions; and how to connect decisions and their dependencies together across value streams.

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