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Gartner’s IT Symposium Xpo Keynote: Composable Business

By Andrew White | October 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

intelligent composable business

During yesterday’s keynote of our IT Symposium Xpo 2020 kick off you heard about “composable business”.    In fact, the whole theme focuses on a composable future: focused on ideas of composable thinking, technologies and businesses. To mark this, we also published our annual Top Trends across all of IT: Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021.  These are not technology trends for technologists; every one of these trends impacts business.

One of the top trends is listed as: Intelligent Composable Business. From the note:

“An intelligent composable business is one that drives superior business outcomes that are timely, relevant and contextual. It does so by having the plasticity to fundamentally reengineer business decisions and orchestrate capabilities that adapt at the pace of business change. Organizations, driven by the ever-increasing pace of that change, are accelerating their digital business strategies. As a result, they need to quickly make business decisions in support of business moments, informed by relevant data. They must then adapt their capabilities to act on those decisions in near real time. To do this, organizations must rethink how they make decisions. They must build a roadmap to an architecture that:

  • Enables better access to information
  • Can augment that information with new insights
  • Is composable and modular, and can change and respond more quickly as decisions are made”

This story was central to the keynote.  If you look at the other top trends, several others support of feed into this business-oriented story about how business leaders need to re-engineer how they make and take decisions:

  • Total Experience
  • Distributed Cloud
  • Anywhere Operations
  • AI Engineering
  • Hyperautomation

And several other top trends will work alongside re-engineered business models:

  • Privacy-Enhancing Computation
  • Cybersecurity Mesh

Intelligent Composable Business is a new line of research we continue to develop. We have several notes published on the topic already, and there is a whole lot more coming:

This is a major collaborative effort across two of our teams – the Applications team and Data and Analytics. In some ways, we are going back to our roots – when business outcomes, business processes/behavior, decision making, analytics, applications and data – all come together.

It is going to be a busy next year.  And its only Tuesday morning!

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