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Data in the News : Tax and Explainable AI

By Andrew White | June 02, 2020 | 0 Comments

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I saw two news articles today that emphasizes the role of data in our world. Both explore various public policy initiatives – one proposing a tax on data that would contribute to the monetization of data; the other on the regulation of AI algorithms to help explain their outputs.

A Tax on Data Could Fix New York’s Budget: A proposal to help generate revenue for a cash-strapped state government. If this were to pass, might the idea take off in other jurisdictions? Would this help reinforce that data has value that can be defined, counted and agreed? Might then firms put that value on the balance sheets?

Algorithms Used in Policing Face Policy Review: A congressional advisory group is developing a proposal to help regulate software used by federal law enforcement. Clearly this related to explainable AI – how can we be assured that the results of an algorithm can be quantified, qualified and general understood? The EU is working on this too.

Back in March in my blog The Value of Data I explored some white papers recently published on pending data and AI regulations in the UK and EU. It seems everyone is thinking about this. It is interesting that in some cases these proposals talk about data, sometimes it is the algorithm that is in scope. Of course, data, content, rules, models and algorithms are all data and a form of software – they are all forms of intangible assets. It is not so much that data is more important today – it’s is that intangible assets are more important then ever before.

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