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The Cloud Wars – Finally?

By Andrew White | May 26, 2020 | 0 Comments


In September 2017 I noted that the real cloud war had not even started: The Battle for the Cloud Has Not Even Started Yet. My thinking had emerged around this time as I was just exploring Oracle’s cloud strategy and it was clear that Oracle was not winning the war that the press and media were interested in. That battle, at the time, was the infrastructure. At the time, Oracle was not really messaging effectively to its prospects – the vendor was trying to out-punch its larger competitors that had a bigger hold on compute. What Oracle was not really doing, I surmised, was messaging to the CEO and they were too focused on the CIO. From January 2017:

It turns out that I was probably right. A new ‘cloud wars’ was discussed recently that effectively compared how SAP will compete, or not, against the larger cloud infrastructure vendors. See This is quite interesting for me since the argument here are the same ones I used when looking at Oracle. It is quite complicated when trying to compare Amazon, Google, SAP, Oracle and others. Some of these vendors excel at compute/hardware, some at specific business process design, and some on insight and decision making support. The question is – which is most important to who, and why?

My ideas were clarified in February 2018 when I suggested a way to talk to business people about cloud: I suspect SAP might agree. It is interesting though – the real cloud wars might yet get started.

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