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Loving my new Oura Ring

By Andrew White | June 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

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If you have read my blog you will know I love monitoring myself.  I have explored all manner of devices over the years.  i am currently a big fan and user of Muse and Kardia, and I have a new toy to report on: Oura.

It’s been a week and I am enjoying the new app and data I get with my new Oura ring. I can get the same data I used to get with my Withings Steel watch:

  • Heart beat
  • Steps
  • Sleep monitoring

The Oura has added a couple of other new data analysis, one being body temperature. And the sleep data analysis seems more in depth. The heart beat variability seems an interesting add-on too. The app provides a slight more intuitive and time-based view of my life which I find very easy to use.  The battery has lasted almost a week too, first time use. I wonder how quickly the battery will degrade.

What I miss though is the alarm feature-that was on my Withings Steel. I levered the vibrate alarm feature of the Steel all the time. I wish my Oura had that feature.  I still love my Withings Scale and its pulse wave velocity capability.

I do love my Withings Steel too but I prefer a dress watch, so wearing two watches is not practical. And the Steel, while somewhat stylish, doesn’t compare to my dress watches. And I accidentally knocked my Steel against a brick wall the other day so the face is now slightly scratched. The Oura is a slightly over sized ring so it’s not too bad wearing it.

Traveling this week means I have not been able to use the new activity capability of my Oura. My previous Garmen devices and Withings Steel were excellent devices for sports activity monitoring. They provided excellent apps to monitor heart rate through all intense activities. I am a little nervous to see what my Oura gives me here. I will find out this weekend. And I will let you know.

I had been sharing my blood pressure (Withings) and EKG (Karida) data with my GP over the last couple of years.  He has started to take notice of my regularity and reliability of the data.  It may soon impact how medical analysis is executed.  It all seems quite fun.


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