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What Was Hot in Data and Analytics in Sydney, Australia?

By Andrew White | February 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

I had the good fortune to spend a couple of days in Sydney, Australia, where I attended our Data and Analytics Conference.  I was lucky enough to speak to numerous clients and present on data hub strategy, data and analytics strategy and operating model, and adaptive data and analytics governance.

The phrase I used most frequently in my interactions with attendees at our conference was, “focus manically on outcomes”.

The vast majority of attendees questions centered on the next-best action to get started with a digital and data transformation. Questioners didn’t seek a concept; they didn’t want a theory. They wanted something that would given them confidence; something that would predictably work.

And yes, there were lots of questions about:

  • Governing data; master data management; data quality; trust in data
  • Coping with silos and modernizing information infrastructure
  • Developing a data, and/or analytics, BI and AI strategy (what to use, where and when)
  • Data Literacy: the language, posture and methods used to explain how data drives better business outcomes

So it was a good week.  Looking forward to Data and Analytics, London-style.


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