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Build Your Digital Business Platform Around Data and Analytics

By Andrew White | February 01, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Late last year a number of our data and analytics team worked together to build a presentation to share our collected research looking at how to relate data and analytics to an organizations’ digital business platform.   To be true this is new work, and it sits at the apex of all our data and analytics research.  In fact, you might even call this the “tip of the spear” since this topic is possibly the main focus for our overall agenda in 2018.

We did not want to focus on tools or technology.  We didn’t even want to focus on “data” or “analytics”, or “data and analytics”, and what they each mean.  We wanted instead to come up with a way to communicate in simple, business-friendly terms, how to make a digital business platform smart; how to leverage data, and drive smarter business decisions, with more effective analytics.  To that end our presentation was completed and shared around the world at our IT Symposia.  Today we publish “the note from the presentation”: Build Your Digital Business Platform Around Data and Analytics.

In fact this note goes further than the presentation.  In working on the note we explore:

  • How to improve data literacy by “stop talking about data and analytics (and technology) and start talking about how the business takes decisions”.
  • What are the primary levers or capabilities any digital business platform needs to consider?
    • What I might call the D&A atlas.
  • What does a specific road map look like for a given organization, given a defined set of goals or outcomes?
    • Given that an atlas represents all possible journeys and a road map implies one specific set of steps.

Hopefully you will like this and get value from it.  You might even get some ideas on what to do next!  Whatever you think, please let me know.

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