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Spotlight on Oracle: Q1FY18 Earnings Analysis & Where Marketers Get Customer Related Data

By Andrew White | September 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Spotlight on Oracle – Highlights new research that covers or relates to Oracle.  For an overall view of Oracle, check out the new Oracle Vendor Rating.

Adam Woodyer just published Gartner Invest Analyst Insight: Oracle Opportunity Remains.

Fiscal 1Q18 was Oracle’s strongest revenue growth quarter since August 2011. Despite what will likely be a tepid reaction to 2Q18 revenue guidance, we continue to believe Oracle is well-positioned to drive upside to consensus going forward.

Augie Ray just published Where Marketers Get Data to Inform Personas and Journey Maps.

Marketing leaders seeking to improve their brands’ customer experience need personas and journey maps that are grounded in data and effective at driving action. Where does that data come from? Start with the data your organization already has to improve the quality and impact of your CX assets.


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