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My Master Data Management Client Key Research List

By Andrew White | May 19, 2017 | 2 Comments

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I often send links to key notes for core topics, such as Master Data Management, to clients.  In fact many analysts maintain their own set of “key lists”.  So I thought I would share my MDM list for clients.  Updated May 7th 2018.

All you wanted to know about MDM and more!

Before You Start:

And if you have an ERP laying around, looking to consolidate or migrate to a new ERP system (or have evolved to a post-modern ERP strategy):

Mastering the Foundation: 

Getting Started/Getting Ready:

Business Value and Business Case:

Domain Specific Advice

Governance and Stewardship: 

Information lifecycle and process

Master Data and Application Data Management (business apps)

Maturity and improving it:

Technology and Implementation/Consulting Services:

For Technical Professionals:

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  • Ben says:

    Great summary, Andrew! I am recommending this page. Was there a reason for not listing the critical capability report?

  • Andrew White says:

    Hi Ben – thanks for the tip. I simply forgot it! Now added. Thanks again, Andrew