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New Research: Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices

By Andrew White | February 07, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Ted Firedman and I just published Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices.

Hub architectures for sharing data can be implemented in many ways, with various types of integration technology. Data and analytics leaders and data architects need to understand the common and effective technology choices in order to successfully deliver on the organization’s data hub strategy.

I am very excited with this note as it heralds, I think, a new wave in thinking that seeks to connect a number of as yet disconnected ideas such as master data management, logical data warehouse, data lake, data warehousing, application data and its management, information (data and analytics) governance and more.  We cannot wait for your feedback!

While you can “rate” this note online, please do send specific feedback to the author as well. We crave direct feedback on how to improve our work. Thanks.

This note is the “sister” note for one Ted and I published last week:


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