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Update on our Magic Quadrant’s for Master Data Management 2016

By Andrew White | February 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

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As you may have heard we are changing our coverage of the MDM market.  Since inception we have published two magic quadrants, one focused on MDM of customer data and the other on MDM of product data.  We initiated coverage on these two segments of MDM since these were the two, largest, dominant sectors organizations implemented, typically one at a time.  Some vendors and technologies also often competed in a similar fashion.  In 2015 and increasingly in 2016 we have and are monitoring changes in the market that are leading to changes in our coverage.  We will publish a detailed note in March giving you all the background on this change.

The summary of the results are as follows:

  • The two Magic Quadrants, MDM of customer data and MDM of product data, will be retired.  The attendant Critical Capabilities will also be retired.  They will be replaced with two market guides for MDM of customer and MDM of product data.  The publish date will be Q2-Q3 2016.
  • A new Magic Quadrant for MDM will be introduced to cover all the aspects of MDM that clients ask Gartner about.  This will include use cases spanning – B2B Customer Data, B2C Customer Data, Buy-side Product Data, Sell-side Product Data, Multidomain MDM (any domain), and Multivector MDM (any implementation style, organizational structure, industry).  A new Critical Capabilities note will accompany this new MQ.  The new MQ will publish in Q4.
  • A new Information Stewardship Market Guide is being introduced in Q2.  This is not due only to changes in the MDM market but this is closely allied to it, as well as other data and information that needs to be stewarded.

In terms of vendors that will qualify for inclusion in the new MDM Magic Quadrant, we are estimating:

  • Packaged solution for MDM (no ‘build’ included)
  • Operational MDM only (we exclude analytic MDM, as we always have)
  • $10M or more (equivalent) in software license/subscriptions for solution

Please note that there is little else we can share, until we commence the research process that produces the Magic Quadrant.  This will take place sometime in April.  We will then publish the final and agreed qualification criteria


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