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The end of Big Data. It’s all over now.

By Andrew White | August 20, 2015 | 2 Comments

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So there you have it.  After just a few short years, “big data” is no more.  It’s gone.  Kaput.  All over.  I jest, of course.

Gartner retired the big data hype cycle this year.  Many have wondered about the wisdom of such a move.  Surely Gartner would not “kill off” big data?  What does this mean?  Has Gartner lost the plot?

Frankly, no.  Just think about this: Gartner retired the big data hype cycle.  Hype cycles are pieces of research that explore hype of technologies and related things in and across markets.  Gartner has maintained all along that big data is not a market, but a set of conditions and complexities that organizations have to deal with/exploit.  But there was a whole lot of hype related to some old and new tools, technologies and practices related to big data that we ended up publishing a hype cycle.  But if you didn’t already know, most of the contents of the big data hype cycle already existed, or now exists, on other more context specific hype cycles.

My colleagues Nick Heudecker. Mark Beyer, and Roxane Edjlali, just published a primary note exploring the rise, fall, and ongoing life of big data.  It is far from over – it is very much alive and well.   It no longer warrants “hype” or a life outside of the formal desires of a business.  The note is called, The Demise of Big Data. Its Lessons and the State of Things to Come.  Nick also published a blog on the topic of the note.  And here Forbes spots the focus of hype shift from big data to Internet of Things – of which I blogged about in May this year.  Hope you enjoy.

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  • Priyanka Jain says:

    Article Sounds little wonder!! We cant’s say its over because Big data has a lot of capacity to profit organizations in any kind of industry, ubiquitously in world. it is a useful to decision-making and helpful to improve the financial position of any organization.

    Priyanka –

  • M.De.Sambath says:

    End of Big data? I don’t think we would be able to say Big data is over. Many organizations have ventured into it and have started reaping the benefits out of it. Large banks have found out a way for their data inconsistencies, Data Mining etc. and if we day Big Data is dead or gone it doesn’t sound proper.