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Andrew White
Research VP
8 years at Gartner
22 years IT industry

Andrew White is a research vice president and agenda manager for MDM and Analytics at Gartner. His main research focus is master data management (MDM) and the drill-down topic of creating the "single view of the product" using MDM of product data. He was co-chair… Read Full Bio

Book Review: Thinking in Bets – Making Smart Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts

by Andrew White  |  April 20, 2018

Thinking in Bets – Making Smart Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts, Annie Duke, 2018.  Portfolio/Penguin. Of course, with a title like that I just had to read this book, and it turned out to be a little charmer.  Annie Duke is a successful, world champion poker player.  As such she had to […]

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Outsmarting AI

by Andrew White  |  April 19, 2018

  In Wednesday’s US print edition of the Wall Street Journal, there was an article titled, “Cohen Targets Fast Traders”.  The fascinating article reports an investment by Steven Cohen into a start-up that seeks to disrupt high-frequency traders.  As I red more I realized this article was most interesting as it report how Information is […]

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How Firms Make Decisions – With Incomplete Data

by Andrew White  |  April 16, 2018

  On the front page of this weekend’s US print edition of the Wall Street Journals’ Business and Finance section was an article titled, “Overtime Pay Becomes Costly”.  The article reports on data suggesting that overtime costs are increasing at significant rates.  The argument made is that the US economy is approaching full employment and […]

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Changing the Time-Series at GM and What it Means, and Of Honey-Pot Data

by Andrew White  |  April 4, 2018

  News yesterday in the US printed edition of the Wall Street Journal that GM will stop it’s traditional monthly reporting of car sales.  See “GM scraps a Standard in Sales Reporting.” Instead the firm will continue reporting car sales quarterly.  The reason given is that 30 days is too small a period in which […]

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Blockchain and Central Banks – What Will They Do?

by Andrew White  |  March 23, 2018

It is not often I can talk about technology and economics at the same time – so when I get the chance I just have to go for it.  I was catching up on my reading this morning when I came across this Economist article, A primer on blockchain-based versions of central-bank money.  Of course this […]

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Data and Analytics at the Heart of Digital Business – Free Webinar Replay

by Andrew White  |  March 21, 2018

I recently presented a webinar that explores and explains several key pieces of research we are actively working on.  The webinar is called How to Put Data and Analytics at the Heart of Your Digital Platform and you can watch it here at any time.  the webinar is a slightly updated and based on this research […]

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Productivity Limits and the Impact of Innovation – How to Beat Amazon

by Andrew White  |  March 16, 2018

In past published research (see Increase the Return on Your Information Investments With the Information Yield Curve) I posited that every organization must have an imputed limit to its business performance, given its current level of maturity of its capabilities.  This so-called information (originally IT) ‘yield curve’ implied a relationship between investment and the efficiency […]

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My Analyst Highlights from Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summit 2018 USA

by Andrew White  |  March 14, 2018

Several common threads emerged through numerous 1-1’s though few really started out with such a clear scope: Many 1-1’s started out with a dialog related to MDM or business application data management (ADM), and governing data in different locations, and so these tended to converge on a more general data hub strategy – which clients […]

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Effective Data and Analytics Governance – Finally!

by Andrew White  |  March 7, 2018

I stood on stage at our Data and Analytics Summit in Dallas today to talk about data hubs, and said I was very excited to attend and speak with everyone.         Here’s why. The OECD reports (see Frontier Firms, Technology Diffusion and Public Policy: Micro Evidence from OECD Countries) that national frontier […]

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Forecasting The Next IT-Driven Productivity Take-Off

by Andrew White  |  February 25, 2018

Here are a few facts: US productivity growth has been dismal ever since the last high-growth period, ending around the early 2000s Some firms at the technological frontier tend to win more; and others that are not are falling behind. This refers to OECDs “frontier firms” Technologists, including firms like Gartner (where I work) believe […]

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