Hey readers! Banner blindness got you down? Tired and confused by slick ad tech jargon like “RTB” and “programmatic trading” and “algorithmic micro-segmentation”? Are your click-through rates so low you need to widen the columns on your monthly spreadsheet to accommodate all those leading zeros? Perhaps you need a fresh approach. Introducing Native Advertising from the nG Network™.  Our exclusive service offers you guaranteed placement in some of the world’s most sophisticated and reputable publications and blogs – like this one here! But that’s only the beginning! Unlike a traditional ad network, your content is custom adapted by our trained professionals to each unique context to make it look and sound just like authentic editorial – it’s even matched to the topic of an individual article or news feed! So what are you waiting for? Stop being ignored, and engage your audience with relevant content today.

Want to learn more? This week’s Marketing Leader’s page (subscription required) explores both sides of the controversial topic of native advertising: its many benefits for marketers, publishers, and, yes, even consumers, as well its significant risks and abuses. In case you’ve missed it, native advertising is a hot trend right now involving ads designed to blend into their surrounding placement – like sponsored stories on Facebook or promoted tweets on Twitter – and many brand-name publications are getting into the game, such as Forbes, the Huffington Post, Gawker, and The Atlantic.

While these ideas and their controversies are hardly new, native advertising marks a noteworthy reaction against the commoditization of media on real-time networks and exchanges, the low yields a lot of this advertising offers publishers, and persistent questions from brands about the effectiveness of basic display ads – especially when shrunk to the dimensions of a mobile screen – despite the impressive array of technology and big data available to optimize them. If nothing else, the trend marks the decline of a long-standing mentality and ad ecosystem that elevates advanced targeting techniques and automation above creative and custom sponsorship arrangements, and offers a new challenge to innovators, brands, and standards bodies to make digital advertising not just better targeted, but better.

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  1. 13 December 2012 at 5:13 am
    Mike Solomon says:

    Great infographic on native advertising: http://news.solvemedia.com/post/37787487410/native-advertising-in-context-infographic

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