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5G Isn’t the New WAN Anytime Soon

by Andrew Lerner  |  May 5, 2020

5G promises to offer higher throughput, lower latency and better quality of service than 4G. But limited coverage and other impediments complicate its adoption as a WAN access option. This research offers advice for infrastructure and operations leaders on where and where not to use 5G.

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Cool Networking Vendors 2020

by Andrew Lerner  |  April 20, 2020

So, after a one-year hiatus, we are excited to publish the 2020 edition of Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking. While some would say that networking and cool are oxymorons, there is definitely some coolness happening (side note: those that know me personally would say I have no business writing about cool). Coolness is about solving challenges in new and […]

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Technical Debt in Enterprise Networks

by Andrew Lerner  |  February 25, 2020

New stuff is fun and greenfield is (relatively) straightforward. But, greenfield is rare so the pragmatic reality we all live with is lots of legacy…and most network projects are brownfield.  This fosters accrual of technical debt, which is pervasive in many enterprise networks. This tech debt ultimately adds complexity which reduces networking agility, availability and […]

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Multicloud Networking

by Andrew Lerner  |  February 10, 2020

Based on a survey from November 2018, 81% of respondents who use the public cloud were currently working with two or more external providers. Further, if you have anything on-prem or at a colo, this means at least 3 networking consoles for configuration, troubleshooting, reporting, analytics, etc. Enter Multicloud Networking… Multicloud networking solutions are software-based […]

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Network Source of Truth (SoT)

by Andrew Lerner  |  January 28, 2020

To align with digital business needs (i.e., more, faster but with near 100% uptime), we recommend networking professionals apply DevOps and infrastructure-as-code techniques. We’ve written about this before and it entails treating network configurations as code which will not only automate configuration, but also the validation phases, both in test and production. This is easy to say, […]

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Breaking Down DevOps for Networking

by Andrew Lerner  |  January 16, 2020

Increasing the level of network automation is a common network resolution for many organizations we speak with. Today, about 70% of network configuration activities are manually-driven (which may not sound good, but at least it is down from 85% a few years ago). In addition to longer provisioning times, manual configuration changes are ripe for human […]

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Networking Predictions 2020 Edition

by Andrew Lerner  |  January 6, 2020

We’ve been known to make a predictions through the years, and here’s a list of my favorite networking predictions that Gartner has published over the last year. We all have technical debt, and it is time to start actively managing it. Through 2023, I&O leaders who actively manage and reduce technical debt will achieve at least […]

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Say Hello to SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

by Andrew Lerner  |  December 23, 2019

So by now, most networking folks know about SDWAN.  And of course, just when everyone is aware and comfortable with a technology, and it is (relatively) stable with over 25,000 paying customers, and we can start to absorb it…then Boom. Things change.  And we are absolutely seeing the market evolve. And the new “thing” is […]

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Public Cloud Networking: A Poll and a Prediction

by Andrew Lerner  |  December 13, 2019

On the heels of Gartner’s Infrastructure and Cloud conference, I wanted to pass along an audience poll result and prediction. First, here is the poll, in which we asked the audience about time spent networking in the public cloud: Based on this small (and not necessarily market-representative) sample, the overall average is that 5-10% of […]

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Networking Hype 2019

by Andrew Lerner  |  July 12, 2019

The 2019 Networking Hype Cycle has just published, which covers the most hyped networking technologies in the market today. The premise of the hype cycle is that most technological innovations progress through a pattern of overenthusiasm (it solves world hunger!), then disillusionment (wait, no, it CAUSES world hunger!), followed by eventual productivity, although some technologies […]

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