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3 Ways to SASE

By Andrew Lerner | May 05, 2023 | 0 Comments

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We are increasingly seeing organizations evaluating, designing, preparing to implement, and using SASE. SASE is a converged offering that includes SD-WAN, SWG, CASB, firewall and ZTNA. SASE supports branch office, remote worker and on-premises secure access use cases. We’ve observed several approaches in the market, and recommend these three paths to SASE implementation:


  1. A single-vendor SASE offering from (obviously) a single vendor. There are approximately 8-9 vendors today that offer this (contrary to the 30+ vendors marketing SASE).
  2. Procuring from two explicitly partnered vendors. Typically this means getting networking from one vendor (often SD-WAN), and primarily security from another vendor (often SSE). There are dozens of combined SD-WAN and SSE vendors, but we’ve only observed a few SSE/SDWAN pairings that have meaningful and valuable explicit integration (beyond just marketing).
  3. Procuring a managed SASE offering, which entails outsourcing SASE, where implementation, configuration and support for SASE are managed by a third party. This market is early but growing quickly.

And, along these lines, some recent Gartner news on SASE. We just published research on the topic: Where Do I Start With SASE Evaluations: SD-WAN, SSE, Single-Vendor SASE, or Managed SASE? Further, the Single-Vendor SASE market is now live on Gartner Peer Insights, so you can tell us directly what you love (or hate) about your SASE vendor:


Regards, Andrew and John (Watts)

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