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Networking Content at Gartner’s IT Infrastructure and Data Center Conference

By Andrew Lerner | October 21, 2017 | 0 Comments


We are gearing up for our yearly Data Center Conference, officially called Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference, Dec 4-7 in Las Vegas. As usual, we have a solid collection of sessions, including a ton of networking content.  Here’s my take on the can’t miss stuff.

Gartner Essentials: The Enterprise Network Scenario — Taking Networks From Fragile to Agile

Network infrastructure must be highly agile and available to truly support digital business. This session describes the people, process and technology required to evolve networking to support digital business requirements over the next several years. In this session, we will cover what external and macro level factors will impact enterprise networks, how will new technologies impact enterprise networks and what best practices should clients employ within their networks.

NetOps 2.0: Transform With Automation and Analytics or Become Irrelevant

Today’s network operations teams will require a significant skills shift to take advantage of advances in network automation and analytics and to meet the demands of digital business needs. I&O leaders must champion a paradigm shift to NetOps 2.0 to stay relevant.

Take These Four Steps Now to Transform Your Network to Support Digital Business

Over the next five years, networking will be a critical infrastructure asset to support cloud and digital business initiatives. How networks are funded, designed and operated and how teams responsible for networking are measured and rewarded must change now to achieve the required transformation.

Ok, so if you’re tired of hearing about agile networking, maybe you’re sick and tired of worrying about networking altogether…maybe you’re considering outsourcing it all.  If so, you check this one out:

Should I Outsource My Network Given the Rise of Cloud and IoT?

Digital business, cloud, and IoT have thrust dramatic new requirements onto existing enterprise networks, which are challenging I&O leaders to reconsider network sourcing strategies for strategic, operational and economic reasons. Network leaders should consider the short-term and long-term effects of their DIY vs. MNS sourcing decisions.

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s this thing called the cloud and its pretty big….so we have a few sessions that cover the networking aspects…

Technical Insights: Networking in the Cloud: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Best Practices

Unplanned VNet and VPC networking deployments will hinder successful cloud implementation and often requires redesign as more workloads are deployed in the cloud. This session will address how cloud networking is different from enterprise networking, how to design and create VNet and VPC with scalability in mind, and the best practices for VNet and VPC architectures.

The Need for Speed and Agility — Ensuring Application Performance in the Cloud and Mobile Age

A digital business needs to be responsive — both operationally and with application performance. The network has a key role to play on both elements. A variety of network technologies can help drive improved application performance within and outside the enterprise. Operationally, the network must catch up with more responsive and automated solutions within IT. However, recent advances are allowing the network to be an equal partner in IT-wide orchestration and automation.

If you want to catch up with some network vendors, we got you covered as there are a ton of them exhibiting. Just be wary of vendormath and vendorspeak…  Just a sample of vendors include: Dell EMC, HPE, VMware, 128T, Cisco, Curvature, F5, Fortinet, Juniper, A10, Apstra, AVI, Big Switch, Brocade/Extreme, Pluribus, Riverbed, Silver Peak, and more.

I personally attend sessions, to stay on top of adjacent technologies, this year container and edge sessions are top of my list…for example:

Technical Insights: Managing the Containers Ecosystem Requires a Platform

IT professionals struggle with integrating open source systems to manage the container ecosystem on-premises and in the cloud. Container IaaS, also known as Container as a Service (CaaS) can assist I&O in operationalizing the container life cycle. This presentation explores the platform components, their interaction and integration with rest of the IT ecosystem.

Reimagining Data Centers on the Edge — The Edge Computing Roadmap

This presentation will detail the edge computing roadmap, which describes the impact and possibilities of reimagining the data center, placing compute, storage, and networking resources as close to the users, sources and sinks, of data as possible. From geographically distributed, micro data centers, to processing hubs/collection points for IOT devices, and even single tenant augmentation of public cloud, edge topology and evolving infrastructure will drive tectonic shifts in how we consider data centers.

Living on the Edge: How IoT and Immersive Technologies Will Change Computing

Digital business requires real-time not just at the back-end, but between people and things. As IoT explodes and immersive technologies like augmented and mixed reality expand, the need for hyper-interactivity and local processing will grow, and the edge will need to become much more intelligent. The edge will grow faster than the today’s cloud, changing architectures, apps, IT strategies, cloud providers, and new competitors.

And, last but not least, it wouldn’t be December in Vegas without an SDN session from Joe Skorupa:

If You Think SDN is the Answer, You’re Asking the Wrong Question

There has be a lot a lot of confusion regarding SDN. Rather than focusing on architectural definitions, this session focuses on the problem to address: How to deliver data center network automation and orchestration, regardless of the underlying architecture.

Hope to see you there…


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