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Help, I hate my (Traditional) Network Carrier

By Andrew Lerner | February 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Gartner analysts have conducted over 3,500 WAN-related client inquiries, and reviewed more than 500 service provider contracts in the past year and one thing is crystal clear: Enterprises are dissatisfied with large incumbent network service providers. However, there are other choices and organizations should cast a wider net to look at offers from alternative providers. Alternative providers are typically part network aggregator and/or part network service provider that also offer non-traditional support and service options. Specific vendors include EarthLink, Global Capacity, Granite, GTT, Hughes, MetTel, and s2s.


Frankly, traditional U.S. service providers haven’t kept pace with evolving enterprise requirements. Alternative access providers can simplify WAN operations and improve performance for branch office designs by leveraging access agnostic services, such as SD-WAN for both private and public network services. Many alternative access providers offer suites of services that provide strong alternatives to traditional provider offers, pricing, billing and support. Here’s a link to the full research:

Market Guide for Alternative WAN Branch Solution Providers
Summary: Many I&O leaders are dissatisfied with traditional providers’ branch office remote access WAN solutions. To support digital business initiatives, they should seek out innovative offers from the alternative providers described in this research.

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