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Network Resolutions for 2017

By Andrew Lerner | December 20, 2016 | 0 Comments


It is the time of year for New Years’ resolutions, and consequently network resolutions if you’re responsible for an enterprise network. In a nutshell, here are some recommendations (side note:  no vendor names or mega-hyped networking buzzword technologies like SDWAN, SDN, or Intent…).

Automation – the state of networknetauto automation is quite unfortunate. Multiple surveys and client interactions indicate that 80+% of network changes are manually driven.  If you have limited resources in 2017, invest them here. We cover specific vendors in our Market Guide for Network Automation.

Begin looking at Webscale Networking practices –  Just because we’re not Google Facebook or Amazon, doesn’t mean we can’t learn from some of their practices and apply them in our networks. We call this webscale networking and it is covered here.

Cease worst practices – This is a repeat of last years’ resolution, but an OBG. One simple way to improve your network is to stop shooting yourself in the foot.  We cover worst network practices here including technical debt, network incrementalism, vendor lockin, and several more.

Derail network downtime – Rethinking network downtime is required to reduce and mitigate it. This requires people, technology and process change and is covered in How to Reduce Network Downtime in the Era of Digital Business.

Finally, if you’re trying to determine where or how to get started with all this stuff, we identify a pragmatic approach incorporating many of the concepts above in this research:

Take These Six Steps to a Better Network

Regards and Happy New Year,

Andrew Lerner

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