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Cool Network Vendors 2016

By Andrew Lerner | April 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Every year, we publish Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking to highlight lesser-known vendors that are doing cool things in the networking market. Coolness is subjective (for example, this was a cool hair dryer back in the ’70s).


However, for me, coolness is the ability to solve challenges in an innovative way. Contrary to popular belief, not all cool vendors are silicon-valley based startups.  In fact this year, we have a company that has been in business for 30+ years.  This year’s crop of Cool Network Vendors includes AVI Networks, AppViewX, Arkin, BridgeWorks, and VeloCloud. We also take a retroactive  “where are they now” look a former cool vendor from 2012, Embrane (spoiler alert: Cisco bought them).

  • AppViewX provides multi-vendor ADC management, orchestration and automation , which is particularly important in the ADC market as there is bifurcation of buying needs.
  • Arkin provides network management and visibility and is particularly helpful in addressing  challenges presented by SDN overlays.
  • AVI Networks is a new breed of ADC product designed for modern, horizontally-scaled cloud applications that embeds advanced application-based analytics into their product in cost-effective manner.
  • Bridgeworks dramatically improves data transfer times, and is particularly effective for large transfers for data to/from AWS.
  • VeloCloud is an SD-WAN vendor that provides a simplified and cost-effective alternative to traditional WAN equipment, and integrates with leading cloud services.

These vendors join other recent cool vendors such as Appcito, Big Switch Networks, CloudGenix, OpenDaylight and Viptela in 2015, and Cumulus, Nuage, Pica8 and Plexxi in 2014.

Regards, Andrew

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