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A Cool Load-Balancer

By Andrew Lerner | May 05, 2015 | 2 Comments

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My colleagues just published the 2015 iteration of Cool Vendors in Web-Scale Platforms, which profiles five vendors: NGINX Inc., Nirmata, Particular Software, Phusion, and Varnish Software. In particular, there is some overlapping functionality between NGINX and traditional Application Delivery Controller (ADC) vendors such as F5, Citrix, Radware, A10 and others.

Today, NGINX and Haproxy (another open-source software product used for load-balancing) are most heavily deployed in large cloud providers, as noted in the research:

Digital business leaders with extreme scalability requirements, such as Amazon, Google and Netflix, have found traditional application infrastructures inadequate to support their needs — as a result, they have invented new design patterns and techniques to support massive scale.”

However, as DevOps principals proliferate into the mainstream and/or as cloud-native scale-out applications are being built, we are seeing increasing mainstream enterprise interest in these “non-traditional” ADCs including NGINX, Haproxy and Amazon’s ELB. These products are increasingly being mentioned in our client calls around load-balancing and application delivery.

In addition, we see traditional ADC vendors responding with offerings/packaging more aligned with these usage scenarios, including F5’s Linerate and KEMP’s  There are also startups focused specifically on these new usage scenarios/buyers including AVI Networks and Appcito (who was recently profiled as a Cool Vendor in Enterprise Networking).

Note:  NGINX is an Open Source webserver/web-proxy. NGINX, Inc. (the vendor profiled in the research) provides commercial support and additional functionality on top of the Open Source software – similar to what Red Hat does for Linux.

Happy App Delivery (and Cinco de Mayo),

Andrew Lerner

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  • Hi,

    to be complete, you may also say that HAProxy Technologies supports HAProxy open source.

    In the tags, you forgot to add haproxy too.


    • Andrew Lerner says:

      Thanks Baptiste, in the full research note, we do mention that HAProxy technologies provides support for the OSS haproxy software.

      thanks for reading,