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Application Delivery Controller Tidbits

By Andrew Lerner | August 19, 2014 | 0 Comments


We are currently working on the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Magic Quadrant, and while reviewing responses from end-users/re-sellers that we survey, we came across some interesting data points… (well, to me at least).

It still starts with load-balancing – Not surprisingly, 93% of folks we surveyed use the ADC for server load balancing. What I find interesting is that means that 7% are not using it for load-balancing…  About 1/3 of the folks we surveyed use more advanced capabilities such as TCP multiplexing, programmatic scripting and global load-balancing.  However, less than 1/6 uses it for WAF, and less than 10% use it for SSLVPN or IPv6 Gateways. I would anticipate the WAF and IPv6 percentages to climb over the next few years.

Increasing Footprint – ADCs are of increasing in importance.  Our survey respondents plan to increase the number of applications associated with existing ADCs by 25% over the next 12 months, from an average of 161 today to 202. This is helped by lower-cost virtual instances that can be used to extend into non-production environments like Dev and QA.

But Hardware Still Wins – Of the folks we surveyed, 84% bought hardware-based ADCs, while 33% bought software-based ADCs.  In somewhat related news, Riverbed recently hinted that a hardware version of their SteelApp ADC is coming.  45% of the surveyed respondents use 10G to connect to their ADCs to the physical network while 48% use 1G.And perhaps the strangest finding from the survey is that 33% of respondents didn’t buy any maintenance or support (still wrapping my head around that one)…

Look for the ADC Magic Quadrant sometime in early fall. In the meantime here is the 2013 ADC MQ and also an RFP Template if you’re planning to make an investment in the technology.

Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers

Toolkit: Sample RFP for Application Delivery Controllers

Regards, Andrew


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