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3 Reasons to Make Room for Another Blog

By Andrew Johnson | January 23, 2023 | 1 Comment

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My name is Andrew Johnson (LinkedIn) and I invite you to follow and share my new blog on enterprise communication services.  Like my future blog posts, I will keep things brief because we all have jobs to do.

  1. Because it’s an important topic. Enterprise business transformation is built on communications.
  2. Because it will be relevant and timely. Relevant in covering stories CIOs and IT leaders need to know about to buy, run, manage networking and applications.  And equally relevant to the business leaders at the vendors selling those solutions.  Timely too, with the latest buzz from Gartner clients you can’t see anywhere else.  Timely news you can use.
  3. Because it will be about our jobs, our future. I have enjoyed 9 roles at Gartner over the past 26 years.  Mostly managing a global team of expert analysts who help me, and clients see over the horizon.  That’s exciting.  And the best is yet to come.

Timely:  T-Mobile is only the latest to be in the hot seat. Their breach last week serves as another warning to all communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprise IT management. CSPs need to review their security programs and proactively address client concerns. Enterprises should ask for meetings with their CSPs and do a risk reassessment on ransomware protection, zero trust, social engineering and threat intelligence.  Check out Jon Dressel’s LinkedIn post

Notable Quotables:  By 2026, CSPs in more than 50 countries will be involved in domestic sovereign cloud initiatives. Enterprises operating there will be swept into regulations.  This will be an opportunity for local communication service providers looking to regain their share of government IT services, seize the commercial opportunities in offering a sovereign cloud.  This topic is covered in a report entitled Predicts 2023: CSP Product Portfolios Respond to Enterprise Demand Shifts

Things the team is working on:  Report due out first week of February.  Top 10 Trends for Enterprise Communication Services in 2023.    What are the top trends or projects you are working on?  .

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1 Comment

  • Andrew, I welcome your contributions to the topic of enterprise communication services, and I’ll help to share your insights.

    Telecom service providers need to better articulate their offerings and unique benefits for a sovereign cloud solution. This may be one of the most significant remaining points of differentiation in the cloud services space. Is that your thinking as well?