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Free IT Management Tools: A Gift from the US Government

By Andrea Di Maio | March 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Earlier today, the US federal CIO Vivek Kundra released the software code for the IT Dashboard as well as the whole toolkit supporting the TechStat project reviews. The purpose is to both crowdsource these tools to improve them and to facilitate their deployment across different agencies and jurisdictions.

The target audience could be much broader than the US federal government or any US state or local government willing to leverage these resources. For instance, the UK IT strategy requires greater accountability and better project management processes: the TechStat toolkit could be very useful  and so would be the IT Dashboard, in order to support cost transparency requirements. Other countries are following the same path and may find these tools quite valuable

One thing is to lead by example, another thing is to get people on board along the way. Whether this is a calculated move to get external support for what he is trying to accomplish at a moment in time when the budget for his plans is not yet secured, or a genuine attempt to engage the ingenuity of the crowd, the bottom line is that this is an example that others should follow.  Especially in Europe, where there is a lot of talking about the reuse of public sector information, and relatively little done.

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