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Why WikiLeaks Is More An Opportunity Than A Threat for Open Government

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 30, 2010

The publication of hundreds of thousands of pages of classified material on WikiLeaks has sparkled debate on whether technology is threatening national security and how governments should deal with information leaks caused or amplified by technology. It is fair to say, as many commentators have, that this is nothing new, and what is new is […]

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Playing at the Boundaries between Personal, Professional and Official Engagement

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 29, 2010

Last week I had a chance to visit two separate government organizations and to discuss their social media policies and strategies. In both cases I run my usual test asking (1) how many people have a personal profile in either Facebook or LinkedIn, (2) how many disclose who their employer is and (3) how many […]

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Open Government, Employees and the Heisenberg Principle

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 26, 2010

As I have indicated both in a previous post and a research note (client access required), one of the main differences between open government and government 2.0 is that the former is based on government controlling the pace and place of engagement and collaboration, while the latter implies that government both creates channels or opportunities […]

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Yet Another Gov 2.0 Application Contest: Will They Ever End?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 25, 2010

The premier of the State of Victoria, Australia, John Brumby has just announced the second version of their application contest App My State to have developers come up with applications that will benefit Victorians. According to the news, Labor’s new ‘App My State – Town and Community Edition’ is meant to attract information technology experts […]

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Open Government Is Targeting the Usual Suspects

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 24, 2010

Earlier today I read an interesting article about the importance of story telling in making open government data alive for people who are not in the business of following government. The article was making reference to an interview that Tim Berners-Lee gave to the press in the UK, where he clearly pointed out that the […]

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A successful enterprise social software deployment in government, so far

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 24, 2010

While visiting an Australian state I met the executive director of a department that has successfully deployed an enterprise social software platform for internal collaboration. A small department with less that a thousand employees and mostly involved in policy making has now more than 60% of its workforce using the platform for a variety of […]

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Government 2.0 Has Not Failed Yet, But The Clock Is Ticking

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 17, 2010

While at the Gartner Symposium in Sydney, I was interviewed about my take about the progress of government 2.0 initiatives in Australia and worldwide.  About a year ago I had been quite complimentary of the work done by the Government 2.0 Taskforce here, so the journalist was somewhat surprised about my skepticism, already expressed in […]

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Even in Australia, Real Employee-Centricity Is Yet to Come

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 15, 2010

At the Gartner Symposium in Sydney, I moderated a panel with Ann Steward, CIO of the Federal Australian Government, and Craig Thomler, online communications director for the Department of Health and Aging, but attending on an individual basis as a gov 2.0 advocate. It was a lovely discussion, characterized by the pragmatism and common sense […]

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Defining Smart(er) Government

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 14, 2010

Terms like smart city, smart government or smarter planet have been used over the last two or three years by several vendors to indicate a set of additional capabilities than governments should possess to make their jurisdictions more sustainable in economic, societal and environmental terms. A working definition of smart city is provided in Gartner […]

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Consumer Technology Can Help the Environment

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 12, 2010

One of my last one-on-ones at the Gartner Symposium in Cannes was about how to rejuvenate programs around green IT. Not how to make IT greener, but how to use IT to make business processes more environmentally sustainable. This is also known as the 98% problem, since it is common knowledge that IT contributes for […]

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