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About Radical Approaches to Cost Reduction in Government

By Andrea Di Maio | August 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

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Today Gartner published a press release about a research note I wrote a few weeks ago: “From Modernization to Survival: Radical Cost Reduction in Government“(full note available here for Gartner clients).

The note looks at four areas for possible cost reduction, and identifies various initiatives in each of those areas:

Sourcing and Procurement

  • Use public cloud services.
  • Use community source and the cloud as alternatives to incumbent vendors.
  • Pursue crowdsourcing.

Project and Portfolio Management

  • Cancel high-risk, high-profile programs.
  • Enforce rigorous yet lightweight portfolio management.

Joined-Up and Open Government

  • Link interoperability frameworks to immediate benefits.
  • Shut down channels (including e-channels).
  • Open government: do not engage unless it’s for a reason.

Workforce Management

  • Aggressively implement teleworking.
  • Task and reward employees for cost-saving innovation.

Please take a look at either the press release or the research note for further details

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