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Going on Holidays on an Upbeat: A Few Gems from the Developers’ Mob

By Andrea Di Maio | July 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

web 2.0 in government

As I am at less than 24 hours from my holidays, I thought I’d share some of the gems from comments, posts and tweets presumably crated by developers who felt outraged by my post “Keep Developers Out of Politics, Please”.

The experience thought me a few things that I will treasure as I come back blogging after the summer break:

  • Never assume that people understand irony or respond well to one’s (admittedly wicked) sense of humor, and are prepared to take lightly enough something that they feel very strongly about.
  • Never back off nor overreact when somebody attacks you. At the end of the day, if you respond politely and point by point, you are most likely to rip your attackers’ arguments apart.
  • Do not assume that people that feel they know much more than you do about a certain subject are also willing to engage in a debate.
  • Do not take any offense as personal: people who use a strong language just embarrass themselves.

I’ve grouped some of these gems by category


If you find Andrew’s bigoted mocking of developers tiresome and counterproductive, you can sign this Twitter petition: (comment to my post, there were several tweets supporting the petition)

How dare you talk down to me and my team. You obviously have very little programming experience (comment to my post)

If you are truly interested in determining if your previous post was bigotry, try changing each reference to developers to a reference to any of the following: women, blacks, immigrants or gays. I think the experience would show you why you received such a negative response (comment to my second post)

This is bigotry, plain and simple. Its taking sterotypical prejudices based on what may be real-life encounters with a relatively small sample group, and applying them to a wide class of people. It’s gross and it needs to end… Andrea Di Maio, get out from your cubicle at Gartner where you’ve been for the past 12 years, and go to some conferences. You’ll be surprised. (from Clay Johnson’s response)

You hardly show much concern for forming an accurate view of those you so casually dismiss. (from Twitter)


Given your position as “VP Distinguished Analyst”, whatever the hell that is, I’m quite appalled that you could misinterpret a body of text so grossly and use your misinterpretation to slander an entire profession.   I assume that given your title, you must have some grasp of the English language? If so, I suggest you re-read his post and make an effort to understand what it is that the term “hacker” means from a philosophical standpoint.I could equally say “Why should we listen to VP Distinguished Analysts? They’re all idiots who thrive on propagating stereotypes without understanding anything about the subject matter for which they’re writing.” (comment to my post)

Well I am sorry to say this but that blog piece is perhaps one of the dumbest I have ever come across in recent days. Trust me, you have not even a slightest idea of how the developers are playing with you, your society & entire political structure already. (comment to my post)

Please don’t talk about what you do not know, I would expect of you at least that simple decency. (comment to my post)

I can’t believe what you are answering. Are you really reading what the people is writing to you? You missed the train. I doubt you understand what software is and what a software developer is nowadays. Please, for the good of everyone close this blog and please never write/think/rationale again about the software world. (comment to my blog)

With those posts you show us how little you know about technology. After reading this and one of your earlier posts, I am sure there is no one in the software industry who will respect your “25 years IT industry” so called experience. Obviously you were there, didn’t learn even the basic traits of the trade. (comment to my second post)

Listing some keywords here and here on your article don’t make you an “expert” ! this what makes me laugh every time about your species this over-valuation of your skills (the nonsense “Distinguished” word in your job title prove it) (comment to my third post on the topic)

Given you appear to not understand what you’re talking about, pls don’t mind if I stop listening. (from Twitter)

Physical Appearance & Stereotypes

I can hardly imagine someone with the face of a chimp like Andrea di Maio, having a brain larger than a peanut. This post certainly does live to those expectations. (comment to my post)

Look at the dude. It’s like he stepped out of all 16 Revenge of the Nerds movies as some gigantic super nerd. Those glasses. That feminine first name. That hairdo! Wow, talk about a total f—ing neeerrrrdddd. And he used to be a programmer too? How did he ever recover (from an external blog – advisory notice: strong language – this guy suggested that Gartner fires me)

Normally an Italian would be eating pasta and talking with his hands a lot, but I bet he wants to go back home and live with Mom or something. Or maybe he wants to go work for the Mob like other Italians (from same external blog – advisory notice: strong language)

Four letter words

No sensible person would stereotype to the degree you seem to be reaching. Hence, you sound kind of like an ***hole and the more you post the worse you sound. (comment to my post)

I didn’t know you hired racists. I mean, maybe racist is a bit of a stretch, but there’s no other word for “ass— who arbitrarily stereotypes potential customers” so let’s just call Andrea Di Maio the racist piece of s— he is. I say this, because in addition to pretty f—ing racist comments about programmers, I’m pretty sure he’s full of all sorts of other stereo types that are just lovely (from same external blog – advisory notice: strong language)

Besides the above, which mostly amused me, several comments were interesting and valuable and deserved a response. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I am looking forward to engaging on other topics after the break.

Should you read any post over the next two weeks, well it means that either the weather is bad or I am recovering from sunburns.

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