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Not All Open Government Plans Are Open To Analysis

By Andrea Di Maio | April 08, 2010 | 2 Comments

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I am planning to do some research about the Open Government Plans published on April 7th, but I am traveling with unreliable Internet connection for the next few days. So I thought I would download all plans that I found thanks to this link via Twitter, and work on the plane or in airport lounges.

What I noticed is that federal departments and agencies have used all sorts of formats for their plans, with most but not all of them providing a PDF version. A few of them provided only an HTML version, but mostly in a single page, so that I could download them easily too.

In one case though, the plan can only be browsed but not really downloaded (or at least not with the tools and the limited time I had).

I do appreciate that a traveling analyst is not (nor should he be) the target of these plans. However I found weird that, while dealing with transparency and openness, somebody did not think about one particular spin on accessibility: are people supposed to read the plan only while they are on line?

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  • What form would you like it in?

  • @Robbie – anything that I could comfortably download and work on while on a plane would be great 🙂