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What’s New: Gartner’s 2023 CSO and Sales Leader Conference

By Alyssa Cruz | January 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

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Gartner for Sales Leaders is hard at work planning our 2023 CSO & Sales Leaders Conference, taking place on May 16-17th in Las Vegas, NV. After a three-year, pandemic-induced hiatus, we’re excited to return to an in-person event!

Learn More: Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

We do so amid a significantly altered business and selling environment. There’s still uncertainty brewing, and that’s a major undercurrent of this year’s conference. We know that our clients must find innovative ways to exceed revenue targets through new client acquisition and growth within existing accounts — all while navigating the increasing directive from B2B buyers to engage through digital channels.

This year, we are offering attendees access to the topics that matter most to their mission-critical priorities, broken down into four tracks.

Track A: Reinventing Sales Strategies to Drive Growth

Our clients are dealing with digital buying changes, talent shortages and business uncertainty that require updates to their go-to-market strategies and sales models. We will guide you on architecting the growth of your organization and how to expand your role as an executive leader.

Track B: Enabling the Commercial Organization of Tomorrow

As an enablement leader, you hold the responsibility of equipping your revenue-producing roles with tools and skills that allow them to adapt their knowledge to the needs of the buyers and markets you serve. We will explore how you can support and drive the change necessary to succeed in today’s complex buying environment.

Track C: Revolutionizing Sales Operations for Greater Scope and Impact

Sales operations leaders: your scope is expanding through technology adoption and collaboration across your revenue functions. Let us provide you with best practices related to organizational design, analytics, execution and talent needs so you can meet stakeholder expectations.

Track D: Optimizing Revenue Technology to Boost Engagement

Your ability to deliver outsized commercial performance while navigating perpetual change hinges on revenue technology. As we know through client interaction, though, design and adoption continue to frustrate you as a sales leader, thus reducing the impact of your technology and adding burden to your sellers. We will empower you to optimize your technology stack today and build a scalable strategy for tomorrow.

New to 2023: Revenue Technology

Through continuous interactions with the most progressive sales organizations, we’ve found that the impact of revenue technology is a consistent source of frustration for even our most progressive sales leaders. In this newly added track, sessions such as the one I’ll be delivering on rationalizing revenue technology against the customer buying journey will guide you through successfully buying, designing, implementing and adopting technology that transforms B2B sales. We’ll also help set your sellers up for a successful tomorrow, as digital engagement becomes increasingly prevalent across the buying journey.

Don’t let what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas! Gather actionable insights, practical tools and innovative guidance that you can use to improve your sales strategy and pipeline creation for 2023 and beyond. Check out our conference website — Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2023 in Las Vegas, NV — for updates on planned speakers, our session agenda and exhibitors. We look forward to seeing you there!

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